February 2015 to Present

I do freelance work for nonprofits including graphic design, web design, artwork and mediation. I am a trained Stephen Minister and Life Coach for those who have lost their will or drive to continue. I can be called on for a multitude of things at any time.

If I can make an impact on someone to love life and help them find happiness, it will all have been worth it. Having people reach out to me to tell me what a difference I have made in their life at some point whether I realized it or not is why. To me this isn't a job - this is life, and I love being involved in the social services aspect of society,
Skills Used

Case Management, Program Developer, Senior Accredited CPS Child Observer, Accredited Private Practice Observer, Experienced Caregiver/Respite Caregiver, Certified Stephen Minister/Guidance Counselor, Minister of Marriage, Lay Speaker

Volunteer Coordinator/Dropin Coordinator, Street Youth Ministry of Austin - Austin, TX
March 2015 to August 2020

Consistently interact with program participants using a person-centered and strength-based approach while maintaining professional boundaries. This includes in-person and crisis intervention on social media.
Built a database of area partners used to collaborate with community partners to identify families and/or individuals who are experiencing homelessness (or at-risk of homelessness) to provide basic services.
Developed a process to conduct screenings and determine if individuals meet program eligibility requirements, set goals, and follow up on referrals. Provide comprehensive case management services for diverse populations living in poverty, including people with mental health and substance abuse disorders.
Meet regularly to assess participants’ needs and provide appropriate case management to address those needs linking clients to programs and other agencies' programs.
Ensure that participants are safe and linked to appropriate resources following any crises. Facilitate and coordinate access to mental health, substance abuse, and physical health services.
Developed and monitor individualized social event plans with a general goal of building trust, client interaction for stability. These include Game Night, Talent Night, Movie Night, Peer Support Group, Self Investment Saturday, and Music Therapy
The Volunteer Coordinator position is all about customer service. I respond to communications (email and phone) to volunteers, help them find volunteer roles that fit their interests, passion, and available time. I managed the University of Texas School of Social work and became the primary liaison expanding their role to 50-60 volunteers a week to receive course credit. The primary system used is the Salesforce data system, Quip, and Gmail.

Billy A Barnes

Social Worker, Minister, a disciple of Jesus Christ, friend, confidant, and philanthropist. I am your safe place.

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